Many thanks to everyone for the use of their photos and time and effort.Without you this catalogue would not be possible. It's great to speak to like-minded whale and dolphin enthusiasts and to collaborate together to produce this ID catalogue.


Thank you to Ron Macdonald,Chairperson of the North East Biological Recording Centre (NEBReSC) for the fantastic photos, encouragement, and for sharing your knowledge and for all of your input in to this project.

Thank you to Hugh Harrop of Shetland wildlife and Shetland Orca Sightings for all of the fantastic photos from Shetland and being there for advice and help with ID work.

Thank you to Tom Grove Whale Wise for not minding me sending lots of photos at all hours,never- ending encouragement,and for your invaluable help in checking photo ID images.

Thank you to Steve Truluck Skipper at Hebridean Whale Cruises, Gairloch,for sending all your great photos from Norway from which we managed to match 2 humpbacks from Scotland within a few hours! 

Thank you to Nick Davies, formerly Hebridean Whale Cruises, for the vast amount of photos and info you very kindly let us use.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted sightings and photos .

Produced by Lyndsay Mcneill January 2020.