• Some individuals may have more than one photo next to each other showing top and underside of fluke and dorsal on both sides.
  • Whales marked with * have been matched or resighted in the UK and detailed information can be found in the MATCHES section.
  • High res images are available for some of the individuals,contact by email, Lyndsaymcneill@icloud.com.
  • Catalogue created and maintained by Lyndsay Mcneill.
  • All photographs are © and are not to be used without permission. Photographs belong to the photographer and the right to be used for research belongs to The Scottish humpback ID project . 
SCUK001* Vyking. ©Sandy Morrison. Kinghorn Firth of Forth Scotland .28th February 2018.
SCUK002* ©Brydon Thomason-Shetland Nature Shetland December 2016.
SCUK003* ©Nick Davies Tiumpian Head Isle of Lewis 28th October 2016.
SCUK004 ©Bruce Meldrum Kinghorn Firth of Forth Scotland 8th March 2019
SCUK005 *SONNY © Bruce Meldrum Burntisland Firth of Forth 21st January 2017.
SCUK005 SONNY* ©Paul Smith BDMLR Firth of Forth Scotland 16th January 2017.
SCUK006*Dotty ©Charles Everitt Seahunter marine. Inchkeith Island Firth of Forth 28th March 2018.
SCUK006*Dotty Ⓒ Charles Everitt Seahunter Marine. Firth of Forth.
SCUK007 ©Stardust Boat Trip Isle of Skye 2nd October 2014.
SCUK008* ©Ron Macdonald Ythan Estuary Aberdeen. First sighting August photo taken early October 2016
SCUK008 *Aberdeen Bay 29/09/2016 © Ron Macdonald
SCUK008 *Ⓒ Alistair Taylor Newburgh Aberdeen beach 12th October 2016
SCUK009 *Saorsa ©Nick Davies HWC Tiumpian head Isle of Lewis June 2016.
SCUK010 Ⓒ Nick Davies HWC Tiumpian Isle of Lewis 20/10/15
SCUK011 Ⓒ Nick Davies HWC Tiumpian head Isle of Lewis 10/6/16.
SCUK011 Ⓒ Nick Davies HWCTiumpian head,Isle of Lewis 10/6/2016© Nick Davies
SCUK011 ©Nick Davies right hand side dorsal.
SCUK012 Tiumpian head,Isle of Lewis. 10/06/2016 © Nick Davies
SCUK013 ⒸAndy Knight 15/9/22 Latheronwheel Caithness.
SCUK014 ©Shane Wasik - 27th June 2018. Oban,Scotland.
SCUK015 ©Shane Wasik-28th February 2018.Oban,Scotland.
SCUK016 ©Nick Davies - 28th October 2016. Tiumpian head,Isle of Lewis.
SCUK017* ©Iain Adams Newburgh beach Ythan Estuary 31st July 2016.
SCUK017* ©Genevieve Leaper Hackley Bay Collieston September 2016.
SCUK018* ©Glen & Gina Tyler Shetland December 2016.
SCUK019 ©Ecoventures Cromarty Firth Moray 26th June 2017.
SCUK019 ©Ecoventures Cromarty Firth Moray 26th June 2017
SCUK020 ©Leszek Stanciewikz Shetland 4th March 2019.
SCUK021* ©Andy Williams Sula Sgeir Scotland. 28th June 2018.
SCUK022 © Steve Dodd Tiumpian head Isle of Lewis March 2018
SCUK023 ©Hugh Harrop Shetland wildlife 11th December 2011.
SCUK024 ©Hugh Harrop Shetland wildlife Shetland 22nd October 2012.
SCUK025 ©Hugh Harrop Shetland wildlife 2nd November 2015
SCUK025 ©Jim Nicholson Shetland 2nd November 2015.
SCUK026* ©Johnny Simpson Sula Sgeir Scotland 21st January 2018.
SCUK027 ©Hugh Harrop Shetland wildlife November 2nd 2018.
SCUK028 ©Geoff &Fiona Atherton. Shetland July 4th 2019.
SCUK029 © Tim Mackie Lizard,Cornwall 29/11/22.
SCUK030 ©Hugh Harrop Shetland wildlife 2nd October 2019
SCUK031* ©Ryan Leith Shetland 8th November 2020.
SCUK031* ©Hugh Harrop Shetland Wildlife 8th November 2019.
SCUK032 ©Hugh Harrop Shetland wildlife 8th October 2018.
SCUK033 ©Hugh Harrop Shetland wildlife 23rd October 2018
SCUK034 *©Hugh Harrop Shetland wildlife Shetland 19th April 2019.
SCUK0034* ©Hugh Harrop Shetland Wildlife 19th April 2019.
SCUK035 *©Steve Dodd Tiumpian head Isle of Lewis March 2018. Travel
SCUK036©Baz Scampion Norfolk England 8th October 2014.
SCUK037 *©Rupert Kirkwall Cornwall England 3rd August 2019