2021 Humpback whale confirmed sightings. 

22nd December 2020 (1) Firth of Forth.

24th December (1) Isles of Scilly.

Match Pi SCUK037. Cornwall Ireland.

Last sighting reported 28/2/21

17th January (2) Firth of Forth.

18th January (2) Tain,Moray.

18th January (2) Helmsdale.

24th January (1) Firth of Forth.

25th January (1) NW of Orkney.

January 30th (2) Firth of Forth.

Match 1 animal SCUK046 Barney.

February 9th Fishermen report 2 humpbacks at port seton.

1 humpback 23/2/21 at 4pm fairway buoy, fishermen's report .

1 humpback seen passing Kinghorn heading east and last sighting Methil 28/2/21.

 31st January (1)Pentland Firth.

31st January (2) Northumberland.

1 humpback still present as of 28th February.

1 humpback seen at Barns Ness lighthouse Dunbar on 2/3/21.

1 humpback seen at wind farm just outside the Forth 2/3/21. Different individual to Barns Ness sighting. 

3 humpbacks seen Tiumpan head 4/3/21.

Deceased humpback calf Tolsta 5/3/21.

Deceased humpback whale Dunstanburgh 5/3/21.

Washed up at Blyth and can confirm by fluke ID this humpback is the same animal that was identified as arriving on Northumberland coastline on 31st January.

Deceased humpback Falmouth 12th March.

2 humpback whales Orkney Saturday 10th April.

1 humpback Moray Firth Sunday 11th April.

1 deceased entangled humpback whale Berwick banks (outskirts of FoF) 14th May.